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    Company Profile

    Company Overview:

    Shanghai Winner Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, headquartered in Shanghai, with a RD center in Berlin. It's based in the service of public transport in the field of intelligent information system construction. It's qualified as National  High-Tech Enterprise,  Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises , and Shanghai Specialized and New  Enterprise. 

    Business Scope:

    WINNER  focuses on the digitalization and visualization of intelligent transportation. With the support of 5G communication, the company integrates digital twin, AI face recognition, voice interaction, big data analysis, infrared thermal image temperature measurement and other technical elements, providing one-stop vehicle applications of digital intelligent transportation in a true sense. On this basis, the company also provides customers with supporting intelligent cloud platform, technical support, operation and maintenance, professional training and other services, so as to build an integrated solution of intelligent transportation, which has been widely used and served in dozens of countries around the world and more than 100 cities in China.

    Company Honor:

    WINNER is  a member of Shanghai Transportation Industry Association public transportation Branch. we hold the award of Shanghai 2019 "Science and Technology Innovation Action" Innovation Fund Part of the proposed project, and the application of the company's passenger flow collection technology in Shanghai Disneyland passenger flow Cooperation project ,won the Innovation fund of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Participated in the drafting of industry standards such as "Shanghai DVR Local Standard" and "Shanghai Passenger Flow Technology and Application Standard Local Standard". we are qualified by ISO9001 , obtained national 3C certification and  own trademark registration, and is the intelligent vehicle equipment supplier for Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and China Import Expo.

    Corporate Values and Vision:

    Corporate values: Value makes life better

    Enterprise vision: Lead Intelligent Bus to Create a Smart Future

    Company event

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