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    Shanghai Local Standard "Standard for Passenger Flow Collection Technology and Application of Public Cars and Electric Vehicles" formulated by Winner Science and Technology has been officially released

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    On March 25, the "2019 Shanghai Intelligent Bus Standard Publicity Conference" sponsored by the Intelligent Transportation Working Committee of Shanghai Transportation Industry Association and the Science and Technology Information Center of Shanghai Transportation Committee was held in Shanghai Science Hall. The "Technical and Application Specification for Passenger Flow Collection of Public Cars (Electricity) was promulgated grandly at the conference, aiming at improving the operational efficiency and service quality of public transport enterprises. Promote the overall service level of the industry.

    At the meeting, besides introducing the topics of "Shanghai Bus Intelligent Standard System and Standardization Development Discussion", the editors and the first batch of promised executing enterprises were commended, and heavyweight awards and honors were awarded.

    Winner Science and Technology as a participating enterprise has won praise.

    This is the industry's recognition and encouragement to Winner. In 2019,Winner Science and Technology also made a profound and comprehensive exposition on the application of smart bus passenger flow. It proposed to create a harmonious road traffic safety by integrating the solution of passenger flow system with the analysis of big data application, to use intelligent information system to realize the deep integration of scientific and technological information and traffic management, and to continuously innovate smart bus managers. The working mechanism and mode will enable the scientific and technological development of intelligent urban traffic management to achieve new breakthroughs and developments.

    In the future, Winner will continue to make in-depth analysis and Discussion on the development of intelligent public transport in China in the new era, effectively enhance the ability to actively prevent and control risks and assist driving safety, devote itself to promoting the construction of information technology for intelligent traffic safety, improving citizens'traffic safety behavior habits and improving the level of road traffic safety in China.

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